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Our paid media services start with our analysts getting hundreds of hours of training on paid media marketing, then staying on the cutting edge of new paid media developments. They use that paid media marketing expertise to find easily-overlooked information that can have major performance impacts and deliver impressive results.

What to expect from paid media services

Your account manager keeps you up-to-date on paid media performance and responds quickly to any changes. Your whole team treats your ad spend as if it were their own money, pursuing growth opportunities while remaining accountable and transparent.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services We Offer

“As the search engines are ever-changing and evolving, it is imperative to stay up to date with the industry and the tools available to work within it. At (un)Common Logic, we are continually going through trainings in order to stay ahead of these industry changes, learn new platforms and tools and grow our skills as leaders in this industry.”

Emily Radcliffe, SEM Account Manager

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Paid Media Services

Display, remarketing, and other platform-driven advertising requires the highest possible attention to detail to manage spend and mitigate risk. Our (un)Common daily account monitoring and high-touch paid media management keep risks and spend in check while delivering the high reach this category is known for.

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The (un)Common Paid Media Marketing Approach

Automated bidding tools and a standard best-practices-based approach can usually get some positive results from

paid media campaigns

. But if you’ve experienced that sort of paid media management , you’ve probably also experienced a plateau in results, as business, the target audience, and search markets change in ways a tool can’t anticipate and best practices can quickly become outdated. (un)Common paid media services involve lots of human intelligence, expertise, insight, and responsiveness to keep improving paid media performance year over year.

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At (un)Common Logic, we treat our clients’ paid media investment as if it’s our own money, managing it with meticulous care. We practice high-touch customer service and complete transparency and authenticity in our communications, responding quickly, directly, and honestly to client questions and concerns.

Many paid media agencies depend on automation to help their own profitability, often to the detriment of the client’s profitability, as large amounts of spend can be wasted when the basics get overlooked. We’re not just willing but eager to do the detailed work of in-depth analysis, granular bid management, and consistent reporting.

Through our dedicated ppc advertising services we’ve been able to reallocate thousands of client dollars away from useless, non-converting traffic to more traffic that actually returns on their investment.

As a paid marketing agency, we work with technology and software strategically (think CMS, CRM, and tracking integration), using it to help our clients’ bottom line more than our own. We have found that pairing human expertise from our highly trained team with the right level of automation drives (un)Common performance that delights our clients.

Bid management tools can be great, when they’re used strategically. Unfortunately, through conducting hundreds of PPC audits, we’ve noticed that often, bid tools are used by default rather than carefully deployed. For example, does a small paid search account even generate enough


to “teach” a tool’s AI accurately?

Or does the tool merely help PPC management companies because it allows their Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads practitioners to take on more clients? As a paid advertising agency, we encourage development and train our paid media practitioners to be great “drivers” of automation tools.

Our team members understand the technology so they know how to leverage it to drive the right performance for the client. Ideally, if done right, automation can help both the PPC agency and the client because it helps the team use their time more efficiently and effectively, so they can do more paid media strategy work for the account that generates game-changing insights. paidpaid

Our paid media team frequently collaborates with the SEO (search engine optimization) team. One extremely effective strategy to double the traffic performance is to have the PPC team find keywords that convert (through testing and theme keyword based research) and afterwards, the SEO team optimizes the landing page around that specific converting keyword.

When the organic visibility begins, more conversions naturally follow. Additionally, when you combine our paid marketing services with our SEO marketing services, you can increase your website traffic and conversions to achieve your company goals fasters.

As a boutique agency, we have the (un)Common opportunity to build high-touch relationships with our clients. When assigning accounts, we evaluate many variables, such as account complexity and size, engagement scope, activities involved, and how well an account manager’s personality would likely fit with our client contact. This comprehensive perspective lets us ensure that our clients get all they need from their relationship with the account management team.

This method of account assignment means that account managers may have anywhere from 8 small accounts to 1 major account. As a Google Premier Partner digital marketing company, we conduct regular account reviews to ensure that as accounts get bigger, they don’t outgrow their team’s bandwidth.

Yes! While most of our customers aren’t new to paid search advertising (Google Ads for example), we’ve had the opportunity to launch new PPC strategy efforts over the years. Because paid media can be daunting to clients who are new to it, especially with a high cost per click (CPC) industry, we designed a reliable method of projecting that leverages the statistics based Monte Carlo simulation modeling.

This method allow us to project performance based on scenario ranges run through thousands of iterations. The resulting averages become the projections we work against as we set goals and design a launch plan.

These projections have proven so effective at helping clients comfortably launch paid ads that projection modeling has become its own offering, so clients can get a clear view of what to expect from our

paid media services

. We fully understand that digital marketing goes beyond conversions and that the sale is important to the leadership and executive team, therefore, planning with proper projections will help drive paid media success on a consistent basis.

Paid media includes search engine marketing (SEM), social media advertising, display ads (banner ads), mobile advertising, video advertising, sponsored content, paid influencer partnerships (think Instagram influencer), and email marketing campaigns.

Specific paid media placements can vary by platform like Facebook, Bing, and Google, but as your paid media partner, we will focus on reaching your ideal target audience effectively on the best paid media channel for your business.

It requires paid media strategy consulting and a budget to increase brand awareness, drive website visitors, and generate leads. When you leverage our paid media services, the paid media marketing strategy will focus on driving the most ROI and paid media performance momentum to help you achieve your digital marketing and business goals.  

To increase profitability, we closely monitor and optimize paid promotions to increase return on ad spend (ROAS). When you engage with our paid media services, you can count on continuous testing, targeting adjustments, messaging updates, and evaluation of ad formats to improve paid media performance.

As a consistent Premier Google Partner (in the top 3% of all digital marketing agencies), we have the knowledge and


to handle your most pressing paid media needs. We always make strategic and data driven recommendations to ensure that the paid media campaigns performance are profitable and continue that momentum over the long term.

Need to see real numbers? No problem!

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Check out our reviews here or click here to learn more on how we helped a business over a 9 year engagement 35x their revenue growth. 

The paid media marketing team looks at everything that impacts ROI and paid media performance momentum, including copy, creatives on web pages, and budgets with pacing. On rare occasions, we sometimes look at alternatives to current tech solutions that may be hindering performance.

For example, if a client has slow page speeds and that impacts paid search ads performance, we make recommendations to address each issue and even create page speed optimization templates to roll it out sitewide.

When you engage with us, our paid media process can include integrating the ads management platform with your


of choice, like


or Salesforce. We have the certifications, capabilities, and reputation to drive a robust paid media strategy beyond what other

paid media agencies do.

As a leading full service paid media agency, we can do a free audit (we call it a hoodpop) of your paid media strategies, competitive landscape, and paid media traffic channels like Amazon advertising. We analyze metrics that are hindering your performance and identify opportunities that can support your current paid media efforts and performance momentum.

Also, if your target audience is active on

Amazon, we can help with our paid media services to enhance promoting to that audience within Amazon and other relevant channels that can also boost sales volume.

Yes! When you engage with our paid media services, we can offer a free hoodpop to look at your website design and make recommendations of what should be updated to improve your conversions out of the same amount of traffic. We look at call to action buttons, the main navigation, checkout process, and the webpage copy among other page elements to make sure that your websites converts as much traffic as possible.

The main difference between earned media and paid media is that earned media is publicity gained through promotional efforts, while paid media involves advertising and promotional content that companies pay to distribute. Earned media can be free of cost, more credible and trustworthy, but it’s more difficult to acquire.

It is essentially the result of positive public perception and customer advocacy and can be achieved through word of mouth, social media shares, media coverage, and customer reviews. On the other hand, when you pay for media, it allows for more control over the message, placement, and drives relevant impressions and clicks to the people interested in the brands latest information.

A couple of examples of digital paid media include: social media ads,

video advertising


programmatic advertising

, online influencer marketing, native advertising, and search engine marketing (SEM) on Google and Bing.

Both earned media and paid media play important roles in companies marketing strategies. A holistic and well rounded marketing approach often includes a combination of both earned marketing and paid media to maximize visibility and actions taken from the ideal target audience.

Our paid media services focus on daily account monitoring with frequent client communication allowing us to maximize ROI when the landscape changes. We make sure to target the right audience, adjust ad creative and

ad copy

, continuously test and focus on optimizing ad campaigns, while making sure that tracking is working properly. Other paid advertising agencies might focus on a set it and forget it approach with automation and that is not the best practice if you want to increase your ROI consistently and over a long period of time

The main difference between paid media and digital marketing is that paid media refers specifically to the advertisements that a business pays to place on various paid advertising platforms, whereas online marketing encompasses a broader range of strategies including SEO, social (owned media or paid), email marketing, programmatic advertising, and content marketing creation.

When a comprehensive paid media strategy is integrated into the digital marketing plan, budgets are better allocated into high ROI campaigns, campaigns with potential for growth, and to find new opportunities to reach the target audience. Our paid media services will fully align with your internet marketing efforts and overall business objectives to drive positive digital marketing momentum. 

Exposure to different companies and industries, paid media marketing challenges, and marketing tactics is one of the most potent weapons (un)Common Logic can bring to our clients. This is why we have committed to being industry agnostic.

We have clients and consumers in


, lead gen,


, B2C, fashion, SaaS, medical, industrial, and services industries. All over the board. We believe this makes us better


and allows us to bring unique ideas to different marketing challenges.

Paid advertising companies leverage retargeting to lower

lead generation

costs by employing several strategies:


 1. Cost Efficiency: Retargeting often proves more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. Instead of spending resources on reaching a broad audience, retargeting allows marketers to allocate their budget toward a smaller segment of people who have already demonstrated interest. This approach avoids wasting ad spend on individuals who may be less likely to convert, thereby reducing lead generation costs.

 2. Customized Messaging: With retargeting, an advertiser can tailor their ad messages based on specific user behavior or interests. By analyzing user interactions on their website or other touchpoints, marketers can create personalized and relevant ads that connect with potential customers. This customized messaging in an interactive format enhances the chances of lead engagement and conversion, ultimately lowering the overall pricing per lead.

 3. Funnel Optimization: Retargeting plays a crucial role in optimizing the sales funnel. By implementing retargeting campaigns at different stages of the customer journey, marketers can guide prospects through the funnel, nurturing them from awareness to consideration and ultimately to conversion. This strategic approach reduces lead generation costs by maximizing the chances of converting leads at each stage, minimizing drop-offs, and increasing overall efficiency.

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If you want to learn more about how we promoted and improved revenue by 800k for one of our paid media clients, click here to learn more.


Yes. We use multiple different tools that leverage

artificial intelligence

and when combined with our paid media marketing expertise, can help companies reach their key performance indicators and MoM/YoY goals.


For research and understanding important information from the Google search engine results pages, we leverage the Google Natural Language AI. For reporting, we leverage Google Analytics 4’s machine learning models. We also leverage AI when doing programmatic advertising to reach your target audience.

Paid advertising on social media channels are completely different depending on the target audiences and business goals. For example, a influencer marketing campaign is completely different than targeted ads in social media on an ongoing basis.

If your audience is more business centric, then the LinkedIn media platform is your best bet for social media ppc ads. On the other hand, Instagram marketing can be great for visually appealing content ads (images and videos). Another powerful platform is YouTube, especially for video ads if your potential clients like to see products or explanations on video.

Unlike other marketing services, when you use our paid media services, we will provide you the best paid channel for your business to drive brand visibility, qualified leads, and revenue growth.

A paid media service agency manages and executes advertising campaigns on paid media channels to maximize a business’s advertising budget by going after the right targeted audience and generating measurable results. They provide paid media data analysis and reporting to improve campaign performance.

As a full service paid media consulting agency, our paid media services focus on driving users to the website to become high quality leads that align with the clients business goals and in order to achieve that, we do the following:

  1. Develop a robust paid media strategy that includes understanding the business and marketing goals, target audiences, and the competitive landscape.
  2. Selecting the right paid media channel based on the current and long term goals and these can include a combination of social advertising, video advertising, and search engine marketing (SEM).
  3. Create campaigns and manage them to focus on ROI and building paid media performance momentum.
  4. Share insights based on the paid media campaigns, industry data analysis, and how well the campaigns are pacing towards reaching the KPI goals.
  5. Plan the next steps to continue building momentum to drive a consistent and positive ROI on future paid media campaigns.

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