mobile phone analytics with graph visuals
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The average American sends or receives five times as many texts as phone calls

As of 2015.

(un)Common Logic knows the importance of direct and honest communication, regardless of method; in fact, that’s one of our six core values.
mobile phone analytics with graph visuals

“Our team embraces our values because we live by them every day. Our mission and values are not simply a series of platitudes inscribed on a plaque somewhere. They are a prescription for how we treat our clients and each other on a daily basis.”

Annie Duke, Director of Client Operations

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“Our shared value of ‘doing what it takes to deliver excellent results’ cultivates a supportive environment. At all levels, team members answer the call for help when it is issued. This, in part, is why (un)Common Logic manages the ups and downs of agency life so well. It’s great to work in a place where you trust your teammates and jump at the chance to lend a hand in return.”

Ashlee Andres, Senior Account Manager

“Honest, direct communication is the company value that drew me to work for (un)Common Logic. From top to bottom, every person that works here embodies a commitment to doing what’s right. That means that we will always deal with our customers in an honest way – even when it’s hard to do so. This ensures that we develop true partnerships that deliver meaningful results.”

Daniel Vardi, PPC Product Manager

“(un)Common Logic has an amazing culture where everyone is willing to help each other out. The team is very supportive and at the same time very encouraging. Everyone is willing to lend a hand regardless of their specialty; this is what I was looking for in a company.”

Kat Shenkan, Senior SEM Analyst

“When you see how smart, how dedicated, how collaborative and helpful everyone on the team is, doing what you say you’re going to do isn’t just a baseline of productivity. It’s a way to help and support others, and a fundamental part of being on a team devoted to excellence.”

Dajin Kim, Senior SEO Analyst

“One of my favorite parts of team meetings is when everyone is invited to share shout-outs – our team supporting each other and celebrating each other really reinforces the importance of doing the right thing.”

Donna Lagow, Director of Client Operations

“I love that we’re encouraged to challenge ourselves and keep growing. The ongoing digital marketing training and learnings are vital when so much changes so frequently.”

Victoria Ruiz, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

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We believe data, not hunches or creative impulses, are the real key to digital marketing success.

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