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Our paid media audits aren’t free.
Any free audit can summarize your account’s current performance, but we give you actual, usable, profitable insights.
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Our 165-point paid media audit goes deep to find out all the facts about your paid media accounts – not just performance, but tracking, strategic alignment with your goals, and all the potential ways you could be optimizing your paid traffic strategy. Our 10 years of experience in digital marketing means that we know just what to look for and where to find it.

Our paid traffic audits investigate:

  • The paid media competitive landscape within your vertical
  • Account structure and settings
  • Keyword management, including negative keywords
  • Organization of campaigns and ad groups
  • Ad copy and offers
  • Bid management, including any automated bid management tools
  • Display advertising, if appropriate
  • Performance metrics
  • Landing page alignment
  • Mobile ads
  • Remarketing campaigns, if appropriate
  • Shopping/PLA campaigns, if appropriate
  • Use of ad extensions to maximize performance
  • Tracking within the ad platform
  • Integration with analytics platforms

Like all our services, our paid traffic audit includes complete transparency about our findings. You’ll receive a report summarizing what we found in all 15 categories and outlining the areas of greatest opportunity, plus a presentation meeting to discuss our findings and determine our next steps.

 “Our audit process is one of the most valuable things we do. It is eye-opening for clients and vital to guiding the engagement strategy. We use this process to educate our clients on opportunities that are not being leveraged, but more importantly we provide in-depth reasoning behind our recommendations so the client fully understands not only the what but the why.”

Annie Duke, Director of Client Operations

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