megaphone paid search
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The secret to our paid advertising results is…there is no secret.
We deliver more conversions and more revenue without any secrets, shortcuts, or “hacks.”
megaphone paid search

While we’re very strict about the confidentiality of our clients’ information, we’re not so secretive about how we deliver results for our clients through paid search ads. We don’t use any “secret sauce” or proprietary tool; instead, we use our paid search team’s expertise, bold thinking, and obsession with details. Each SEM analyst gets 90 days of training—hundreds of hours—before they’re allowed to work on our clients’ accounts.

When we manage your paid search ads, we treat your company’s ad spend as if it were our own money, getting the most effective returns in the most efficient way to minimize wasted spend and wasted time. You’ll never hear us say “Set it and forget it,” unless it’s followed by “… is not a good strategy.” Instead, we’re always saying, “Let’s see how we can make this better,” and eagerly pursuing the answer.

We’ll show you:

  • How automated bid management tools can damage your ads’ performance–and the revenue they generate
  • Which ad copy converts your target customers the most effectively
  • Which ad extensions are best for your ads to maximize their performance

“Paid Search is a passion of mine because I am helping two parties at once. One party is providing a product or service, and the other party is searching for that specific product or service. My goal is to connect each other to fulfill both sides’ needs or wants.

Caleb Upson, SEM Analyst

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