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Only 41% of marketers are satisfied that they get actionable data from their analytics platforms.
We can set up your analytics so you get useful, actionable data in easily understandable reports.
hammer representing logic analytics custom setup

We’re (un)Common… but so are you. Your company has specific initiatives, objectives, metrics, and KPIs you focus on to meet your business and marketing goals. Standard analytics platforms might not provide the data you need to evaluate your progress, or they might require a tedious extraction process to get data you can use.

Our custom analytics setup can deliver actionable, relevant data in formats that are easy for you to digest and communicate with other stakeholders. There’s no need to fight your analytics platforms when we can tame them for you. Besides, we love that stuff.

Of course, all our custom analytics setups include bringing your account(s) up to all best practices. Customization can provide further understanding of:

  • Trends in market and customer behavior
  • The impact of seasonality on your digital marketing
  • How marketing activities track to business revenue
  • Opportunities for greater efficiency, reach, or cost savings
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