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Only 44% of companies that use marketing analytics trust their data.
Our analytics audits reveal just how complete, accurate, and trustworthy your marketing data is.
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We believe that intelligent data analysis can reveal many surprising facts that can make a difference in your digital marketing. That said, the data has to be recorded, consistent, and trustworthy for meaningful analysis to occur. The trickiest part of marketing data can be not knowing what you don’t know. Our (un)Common analytics audits give you a clear understanding of your data.

The (un)Common Analytics audit examines:

  • Implementation of your site’s analytics and tracking code(s)
  • Profiles, views, and filters within your analytics account(s)
  • Tracking for events, conversions, ecommerce, social media data, and any subdomains
  • Proper usage of tags
  • Reporting and dashboard setups


This audit ensures that all relevant data from your digital marketing activities is being tracked correctly so it’s accurate and consistent over time. Once you have data you can trust, surprising insights can occur.

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