Paid Media: Remarketing Ad Copy Remix

Paid Media: Remarketing Ad Copy Remix

How we increased an SaaS client's ROI by introducing variety in remarketing ads for b2b


B2B SaaS provider specializing in content management systems for large business communities


Lackluster results from remarketing: a total of 20 leads produced in the previous four months total


Introduced variety in remarketing messages and paired offers with pages users had visited

(un)Common Outcomes
Outcomes from introducing variety in remarketing ads for b2b

One issue we found was a lack of variety in remarketing messages: not just the same offer, but often the same words and images. By simply offering users something different in the second message (a free downloadable guide or report), we saw significant growth in lead volume and conversion rate.

We also created separate campaigns for similar audiences to allow strategic bidding and budget allocation, and made these further improvements in the client’s remarketing campaigns:

  • Analyzed campaign performance and tested different offers to maximize low-funnel leads
  • Added text ads to show in more web properties
  • Blocked irrelevant placements to save costs
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