Paid Media: Remarketing with a Content Asset

Paid Media: Remarketing with a Content Asset

How we combined remarketing with a content asset (a downloadable buyer's guide) to take lead volume to a new level


Texas developer specializing in land for custom home building, plus a development of pre-built homes


Wanted to maximize the return on remarketing: higher conversion rate, lower cost per lead


Introduced a content asset (buyer’s guide) to remarketing campaigns, offering added value

(un)Common Outcomes
Graphic showing that adding a content asset to remarketing increased lead volume by 136%, decreased cost per lead by 55%, and increased conversion rate by 131%

Within the first six months, our strategic use of remarketing added leads and drove average cost per lead down. But we suspected those returns could be increased even more with a call to action for a value-added item. We guided the client in developing and positioning a Buyer’s Guide for land and homes in Texas, and created new remarketing campaigns with this asset.

The Buyer’s Guide was introduced on Oct. 20, but contributed almost half of the remarketing leads for that whole month. Buyer’s Guide campaigns comprised 64% of lead volume for the quarter.

In its first year, the Buyer’s Guide increased the total lead volume for remarketing by 136%, increased the aggregate conversion rate by 131%, and reduced the overall cost per lead by 55%.

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