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Our (un)Common social media management services

Our social media management experts use a data-driven approach to understand your audience – where they are now and where they’re going – and the content they’re most likely to respond to. They then develop a social media management strategy, driven by your business goals, to reach that audience with that content.

What to expect from our social media management services

We’ll develop and manage a customized social media management plan for your business that not only includes a content calendar, but also goes deep into the technical side of social media, including the algorithms of the channels and the infrastructure required so that your content is seen by your target audience. While such technical work might seem behind-the-scenes, our experts will provide you regular, transparent, data-driven updates and progress reports.

Social Media Management Services We Offer

Strategy development and implementation

Our customized strategy for your business starts with your goals and then does a deep, data-driven dive into your audience: where they are now, where they are going, and what content they respond to. User research and insights inform not only our initial 90-day plan and also the ongoing management of your social media.

Competitive landscape analysis

In social media channels, it is especially important to understand not only your brand’s presence and your audience’s engagement, but also your competitive landscape. What are your competitors doing, in what channels, and how successfully? Integrating that knowledge into your social media strategy is key to achieving your social media goals. 

Content management

Our experts approach content management from an efficient as well as effective standpoint: starting with your audience, we strategize and manage content holistically online for your brand. Through content diversification and repurposing, we ensure your audience is reached in the right place at the right time with the right message and build excitement about your brand.
For your content to be found by your audience, it also needs the technical infrastructure – meta descriptions, hashtags, thumbnails, and more – for each social media channel’s algorithms to pick it up. Including all the relevant technical elements keeps your content competitive.

Analysis and reporting

You’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next with our regular, transparent analysis and reporting. 

Our social media management approach

Our social media management services are grounded in understanding your business and social media goals within the context of your overall marketing strategy. In today’s online world, if you’re doing paid media, you should be doing paid social. If you’re doing search engine optimization, you should be doing organic social. So while we’re focused on your social media, we always have that larger context in mind as we manage your social media to help scale your business.

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