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team members brent, donna, jessica, and chloe sitting and talking
In a group of 26 people, there’s a 59% chance that two of them will have the same birthday.

Meet the (un)Common Logic team of digital marketing experts – and (un)commonly enough, none of us share a birthday!

Alexandra Vorsas

Account Strategist / Most helpful

Annie Duke

Director of Client Operations / Chili champion

Ashlee Andres

Senior Account Manager / Blinds us with science

Ben Liu

Digital Marketing Analyst / Part-time NBA analyst

Brandon Jones

Director of Client Operations / The Great Outdoorsman

Brent Noel

Office Manager / Office dad

Cameron Knight

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst / Monitor lizard aficionado

Caroline Morse

Account Strategist / Dachshund lover

Desaray Hickombottom

Senior Sales & Marketing Associate / Matcha enthusiast

Dajin Kim

Senior SEO Analyst / Dippin' dots enthusiast

Daniel Vardi

PPC Product Manager / Straight shooter

Donna Lagow

Director of Client Operations / Rainbow Brite

Emily Anderson

Digital Marketing Analyst / Bookworm

Emily Radcliffe

Senior Account Manager / Cajun queen

Jeanne Fortney

Staff Accountant / Say my name (right)

Jordyn Rupe

Account Manager / Analytical empath

Jeffrey Gumbo

Digital Marketing Analyst / Part-time music producer

Josh Cuttill

Director of Website Strategy & Optimization / Poker enthusiast

Juan Izquierdo

SEO Manager / Fried food lover

Kat Meadows

Account Manager / Dog mama

Lindsey Black

Director of Marketing / Reformed Carny

Melissa Kortovich

Sales Manager / New York, New York

Mykaela Steinburg

Operations Manager / Family band survivor

Sammy Brown

Digital Marketing Analyst / Reconciler of opposites

Sandy Powers

Senior HR Manager / Ray of sunshine

Sue Koch

Operations Manager / Flash Mob Initiator

Taylor Giaccone

Account Strategist / TikTok Queen

Victoria Ruiz

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst / Future body builder

Yelena Oleshkevich

Account Manager / Legal Eagle

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