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In a group of 32 people, there’s a 75% chance that two of them will have the same birthday.

Meet the (un)Common Logic team of digital marketing experts – and (un)commonly enough, none of us share a birthday!

Alexis Ponzio

SEO Analyst / Dog mom & black belt

Annie Duke

Senior Account Manager / Chili champion

Ashlee Andres

Account Manager / Blinds us with science

Ashley Koch

Senior HR Associate / Anticipating robots

Austin Madert

SEM Analyst / Marathon man

Brent Noel

Office Manager / Office dad

Caleb Upson

SEM Analyst / Hey Mr. DJ

Catherine Cantieri

Marketing Manager / Resident WWE fan

Cheyenne Deegan

SEM Analyst / Blackhawks fan

Chloe Roberts

SEM Analyst / Pink princess

Christina Poulin

SEM Analyst / World traveler

Connor Wrenn

SEO Manager / Future professor

Dave Preston

Sales Manager / All the movie quotes

Donna Lagow

Director of Client Operations / Rainbow Brite

Elizabeth Crinejo

Director of Client Operations / Master chef

Jake Garza

Account Manager / Amateur boxer

Jeanne Fortney

Staff Accountant / Say my name (right)

Jessica Hall

SEM Analyst / Total foodie

Josh Cuttill

Product Manager / Poker enthusiast

Kiersten Saathoff

Director of Finance & Administration / Golfs like a boss

Mariana Nasreddine

Account Manager / Boss kitty

Mykaela Steinburg

SEM Analyst / Family band survivor

Pranav Krishna

SEM Analyst / Coolest engineer ever

Richard Clark

Technical Manager / Wizard.

Sandy Powers

HR Manager / Ray of sunshine

Shayna Gipson

SEM Analyst / Goddess of mischief

Sofia Iwobi

CRO Analyst / The Optimizer

Sydney Sheedy

Senior Account Manager / Fueled by coffee

Yangdi Li

SEM Analyst / Authentic Chinese Food Guardian

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