flamingo pool float representing company perks
( did you know? )
On average, US workers take only 54% of their allowed vacation days.
This fact both surprises and saddens us. We value having a work-life balance, taking care of our team, and making our environment an enjoyable place to work, and our perks and benefits support those values.
flamingo pool float representing company perks
  • Paid Time Off – Recharge your brain batteries and pursue your life outside of work with our generous PTO policy.
  • Work-From-Home Days – Take the day to work in your pink bunny onesie. We won’t judge (much).
  • Casual Dress – Comfortable people make better decisions.
  • Matching IRA Contributions – We’d love for you to work for us forever, but we understand if you want to retire someday.
  • Tiered PTO – The longer you stay with us, the more we invest in you. Stay several years, and you’ll never have to count your vacation days again.
  • Summer Fridays – It’s not just a New York thing anymore. We want our employees to take advantage of the summers in Austin!
  • Health Benefits – Medical, dental, vision, for a team full of healthy people.
  • Conferences – Earn your opportunity to rub elbows with the not-so-rich and possibly famous digital marketers that are helping shape the industry.
  • Company-Sponsored Events – Playing together helps us work harder and build stronger teams.

Now, you might be wondering, if I joined you, how would my career grow at (un)Common Logic?

First, we’ll put you through our training program, the equivalent of a 2-year digital marketing course compressed into 6-8 weeks. Our training covers everything from how to give a presentation to Google Ads best practices and from marketing metrics to advanced Excel. Developed over more than 10 years, our training program is like no other: the entire team participates to bring each new teammate up to speed by providing not only information and guidance but also hands-on practice, culminating in a capstone presentation to the leadership team similar to our client presentations.

Where do you go after that? We’ll help YOU to answer that question. How? With:

  • weekly 1:1 meetings with your manager
  • ongoing training so your learning never stops, and
  • a mentorship program to help you get the most out of your training and experience

Once you’re an uncommoner, we’ll give you the opportunity to chart your own course guided by your interests, your manager, and (un)Common Logic’s business needs. We’ve had many employees discover their digital marketing passions and turn those into customized career paths here at (un)Common Logic. Based on matching their passions with our business strategy and needs, people here have created:

  • new products
  • new tools
  • new job descriptions/titles
  • new service offerings
  • new departments 

In addition to guiding your own career path, we have two other formal ways you can give feedback to management (don’t get us wrong, we encourage direct and honest communication and feedback up and down the company at any time, but formal processes give us all another way to make sure all are heard): an annual anonymous survey and an annual small-group discussion about the direction of the company.

The annual survey has, over the years, led to changes and improvements such as adding benefits like unlimited PTO, improving our training program, creating a leadership development training series, and helping our team members grow in areas outside of work like personal financial planning.

And this year’s small group discussions provided company leadership with guidance from everyone in the company on return-to-work and flexibility at the office. So your voice and opinions are heard and taken into account here at (un)Common Logic. Which is pretty uncommon, we know.

The bottom line is this: we want YOU to own your career trajectory and have a stake in (un)Common Logic’s culture and direction, so we provide opportunities for you to tell us what that looks like for YOU and work with you to figure out ways to help you accomplish that with us.