flamingo pool float representing company perks
( did you know? )
On average, US workers take only 57% of their allowed vacation days.
This fact both surprises and saddens us. We value having a work-life balance, taking care of our team, and making our environment an enjoyable place to work, and our perks and benefits support those values.
flamingo pool float representing company perks


  • Paid Time Off – Recharge your brain batteries and pursue your life outside of work with our generous PTO policy.
  • Work-From-Home Days – Take the day to work in your pink bunny onesie. We won’t judge (much).
  • Casual Dress – Comfortable people make better decisions.
  • Matching IRA Contributions – We’d love for you to work for us forever, but we understand if you want to retire someday.
  • Tiered PTO – The longer you stay with us, the more we invest in you. Stay several years, and you’ll never have to count your vacation days again.
  • Summer Fridays – It’s not just a New York thing anymore. We want our employees to take advantage of the summers in Austin!
  • Health Benefits – Medical, dental, vision, for a team full of healthy people.
  • Conferences – Earn your opportunity to rub elbows with the not-so-rich and possibly famous digital marketers that are helping shape the industry.
  • Company-Sponsored Events – Playing together helps us work harder and build stronger teams.