photo of a teary-eyed baby
( did you know? )
Infants can tell when someone is being unfair

Infants do not punish unfair behavior, however, according to an NIH paper.

photo of a teary-eyed baby

As human beings, we want life to be fair. As business people, we know it isn’t.

Knowing that things aren’t fair, what can you do to grow your business? Use an Unfair Advantage!

Unfair Advantage is (un)Common Logic’s sister division which focuses on businesses that are either starting their digital marketing journey or are ready to level up and know digital marketing is essential for the next stage of growth.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Our team provides:

  • Expertise: for some businesses, we’re like an outsourced marketing team; for others, a digital CMO; for all of our Unfair Advantage clients, our breadth and depth of experience means we’re available to take a broad approach as well as get deep into tactical details to help them meet their goals
  • Agility: as each business grows, its needs and goals change – and we are ready to pivot right along with them for faster and better responses to market shifts, competitor changes, and other challenges
  • Transparency: our reports are in data-driven language that isn’t full of industry jargon or technical acronyms and we meet regularly with each business to be sure we’re always on the same page regarding progress and next steps

Jumpstart your digital marketing

New to digital marketing and not sure where to start? Or are you ready to accelerate your digital marketing efforts?

Jumpstart your digital marketing and grow your business with Unfair Advantage!

The (un)Common Approach

So what’s the difference between (un)Common Logic and Unfair Advantage?

Same core values (do the right thing, direct and honest communication, and more), same expert approach (data-driven, customized, results-oriented), just distilled and applied in a way that serves businesses ready to accelerate their digital marketing!

We start by asking about the goals of the business and build a customized digital marketing plan based on those goals. Then we implement that plan with plenty of communication, flexibility, and accountability.

Want to know more?

Visit the Unfair Advantage website to learn more about the Unfair Advantage approach, services, and team.

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The average adult human brain weighs three pounds.

(Ours probably weigh more.)

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