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67% of users who abandon an online form never return to the form’s site.
How many sales have you lost forever due to non-optimized conversion processes?
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(un)Common CRO audits deliver a complete evaluation of your site’s performance from the standpoint of user engagement leading to conversions. Our conversion rate optimization audit uncovers the areas of confusion, resistance, and stagnation that can cause visitors to abandon landing pages (or even the site as a whole) without taking desired conversion actions. And once we know where the problems are, we can determine which tests can identify potential solutions.

Our comprehensive CRO audit looks at:

  • How well your site’s homepage begins the conversion journey, including clear calls to action and a minimum of friction
  • How well your site’s navigation, including internal links, guides the conversion journey
  • How well your site’s content informs the conversion journey; does it provide support for the visitor’s decision to convert?
  • How well your landing pages and forms complete the conversion journey – and how well your post-conversion pages nurture further relationships with converted visitors

“Our mission for CRO is to align the goals of the site with the goals of the user. But we can’t know those user goals or how well they align with site goals without a thorough analysis of user behavior data. We use that analysis to determine how users engage (or don’t) with your website and identify the friction points keeping users from wanting to achieve the site’s goals.”

Josh Jennings, Senior Conversion Optimization Specialist

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