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Risks of programmatic advertising include wasted spend and damage to your brand.
The more automated a digital marketing process is, the more human oversight it requires.

The seemingly infinite options for display advertising can be nearly impossible for humans to capture and capitalize on. That’s where programmatic advertising comes in: it can be very efficient and cost-effective, plus it gives your ads a wide reach and can help you reach completely new audiences. Unfortunately, though, there’s also some risk with programmatic, as there is with any system designed to function with little human input.

We believe in human input. Lots of it. That’s why we give all our paid media experts so much training and why we value learning and knowledge sharing as much as we do. When you have an (un)Common team managing your programmatic advertising, that means that very smart humans are overseeing your campaigns so that risk is minimized and you can reap more of programmatic’s rewards.

Rewards from (un)Common programmatic management:

  • Drastically reduced spend on irrelevant placements
  • Avoidance of brand-damaging ad placements
  • Spend and bid management that aligns with budgetary and strategic goals

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