When I decided I was ready to take the next step in my career, I wasn’t going to budge for just any ol’ company. It was important that the team I joined be just as good a fit for me as I was for them, and I wasn’t afraid to walk away if I didn’t feel any chemistry.

I knew after my first interview with (un) Common Logic that these were my people and that even if I didn’t get to join the team, my time was well-spent having genuine conversations with some pretty cool people. What I noticed during our conversations was that everything the company did to cultivate culture, down to hiring, was highly intentional and could be mapped back to one of the core values:

  1. Do What It Takes to Deliver Excellent Results
  2. Communicate Directly and Honestly
  3. Have the Right Attitude
  4. Do What You Say You’re Going to Do
  5. Do the Right Thing, and
  6. Always Learn and Try New Things

Having the right attitude is something you can see in action every day and at every level here at (un)Common Logic. But what does it mean to have the right attitude?

Having the Right Attitude Starts with Being Positive

The first thing most people think of when they think of having the “right attitude” is being cheerful and optimistic. And while it isn’t everything, being positive helps. A special someone in our company has a nickname which includes the word “sunshine” because she’s so energetic, warm, and…well…a ray of sunshine! Sandy Powers is cheerful, yes, but she’s also really good at finding a way to make something that could be difficult or unpleasant easier and fun. She also knows that for each of us, being positive is a “mind-set you choose and one that spreads,” to quote her directly.

Having the Right Attitude Includes Respecting and Supporting Each Other

“Have the Right Attitude” means more than just being positive, though. It means supporting each other in all kinds of ways, from the way we all step in to cover for one another so our teammates can take vacation, to our infamous office pranks, from “whose refrigerator is it” and other games to keep WFH fun, to the time we take to shoutout awesome contributions by one another at each weekly team meeting. How we treat each other, with respect as well as enthusiasm, making sure everyone knows their contribution is valued, is crucial.

I also witnessed “Have the Right Attitude” in action this past year when Austin experienced a severe winter weather event and many of us lost power and water. Our CEO, Barbara Cavness, opened her home to the team for showers and shelter and others stepped in to keep work going for those who were unable. This was heart-warming (literally as well as figuratively for some of us), to say the least.

Recently, Ashlee Andres really showed me how she lives by this value when she offered to “help with anything” when I was feeling sick. Ashlee offered to have soup delivered to my home or even pick up my little ones for me – and I know she wasn’t just saying it to say it. At that point, that’s more than just cultivating culture at work, that’s family.

Another example that Juan Izquierdo shared with me was when he saw Jim, our founder, and Barbara, our CEO, lead by example when they worked with Brent Noel to un-box and assemble new desks and clean the office in preparation for return to work. That kind of leadership is both rare and admirable.

Having the Right Attitude Leads to Having Fun Together

Speaking of return to work…when leadership decided it was time to get the gang back together, we went in with a bang! There were coffee trucks, happy hours, games, and food (my favorite) to make the reunion as fun as possible. I can’t forget to mention when we all took a day off together to barbeque on the river in Wimberly and just kick back in the sun with a cold beer. This team plays as hard as it works!

Having the Right Attitude Means Being Responsive

While part of having the right attitude is how we treat each other, the other part is how we treat our clients. Last week, one of my clients emailed our founder with kudos to our team for quickly researching and resolving a few issues that had come up in their downstream data. Knowledge and problem-solving skills are unusual but combining them with responsiveness and a can-do attitude are truly (un)Common!

Responsiveness for many people means timeliness, which is one reason we have a commitment to our clients to respond to their requests within 24 business hours. We may not have an answer in that timeframe, but we will let them know we’re working to find out the answer.

Responsiveness also includes doing what needs to be done from our clients’ business perspective, which means we’re results-driven and action-oriented. When something comes up for a client that requires a change in strategy or tactics, we take on that responsibility as their strategic business partner. One recent small business client had been focused on building brand awareness and when they pivoted to lead generation, so did we, quickly modifying our channel strategy, KPIs, and tactical implementation to match. It never ceases to impress me how dedicated our team is to serving our clients and supporting their business as if it were their own.

Respect, responsiveness, and resiliency (and maybe a little sunshine) are key to the right attitude. So many companies talk about having the best company culture but at (un)Common Logic, we actually walk the walk.

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