Victoria Ruiz

Victoria Ruiz

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

Victoria Ruiz's organizational skills, detail-oriented nature, and commitment to excellence make her the ideal Senior Digital Marketing Analyst.
What is your background?

Proud to be born & raised in Austin, TX! I made the mistake of moving away once and I won’t do that again! I attended Texas State University where I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Business Administration. Before landing at UCL, I served as a Space Planning Analyst at H-E-B’s corporate offices.

What are your responsibilities at (un)Common Logic?

My responsibility is to support our clients through in-depth analytical work and implementation of strategic digital marketing tactics as their strategic partner.

What's your favorite thing about working at (un)Common Logic?

The family of people who truly want to see you WIN and help you WIN!!!

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?

So much to learn and keep up with but I am up for any challenge!

What makes Austin special?

Austin has grown significantly in the past decade but never seems to lose the small-town feel that I love. This is just such a beautiful city.

Anything big happening this year outside of work?

We closed on a ranch at the beginning of 2021 so we are spending lots of our free time camping out near the fire and building something that will live on with our children when we’re gone.