We are an uncommon place to work for so many reasons: our culture, our leadership, our approach…but it really all comes down to our team. We’re each uncommon in our own way – and the sum is truly greater than its parts. And one of my favorite things about (un)Common Logic is (un)Common Action.

What is (un)Common Action, you might ask? Let’s start with a little background…

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere. This means you cannot have a team that all looks the same, sounds the same, or comes from the same background and life experiences.

In our hiring process, we seek out those who have different life experiences, skills, and ways of solving problems and bring them together in a highly communicative, collaborative, and team-oriented environment. Once they’re aboard, we actively look for opportunities to ask our teammates about the things they care about beyond work. This could be everything from local or global issues to hobbies or anything else that is important to their everyday lives. When everyone is seen and heard, magic happens.

During 2020, so much of everyone’s world turned upside down. After George Floyd’s murder, three of our Black team members came to our CEO and talked with her about their work and life experiences and how the protests were impacting them. Together, they decided that sharing those experiences during a company-wide meeting would be helpful to everyone.

That meeting led to our (un)Common Action committee, which has:

  1. hosted a series of lunch-n-learns to share our different histories and experiences and discuss how to have difficult conversations around race and other marginalized groups;
  2. developed and shared a list of local, minority-owned businesses to support individually and/or during company events; and
  3. come up with a pro bono work strategy for local non-profit organizations doing work in the key areas of voter suppression, inequities in our education system, and criminal justice in our minority communities

The lunch-n-learns have been a great opportunity for everyone on the team to learn about resources and how to navigate difficult conversations on race, gender, religion, and other sensitive topics in a supportive environment where all questions are welcome, no one has all the answers, and we look at things together. Several of our team members have said they are grateful to have the opportunity to share their true selves at work in such a caring space.

“I really appreciate the honest communication and support from our (un)Common leadership and team as we learn more together about difficult topics and how to talk about them.” – Brent Noel

We’ve brought in lunch (on (un)Common Logic, of course!) for the lunch-n-learns from local minority-owned businesses and gone to happy hours and other social events to support them as well.

(un)Common Action has helped us focus the pro bono work we’ve done over the years to amplify the work and needs of local nonprofit organizations helping minority communities. One recent example was our work to increase online visibility and obtain a Google Grant for a local education nonprofit supporting young people of color. We’ve also provided pro bono digital marketing services to local organizations providing early-stage funding to minority entrepreneurs and advocacy for children.

photo of the audience during the champions of change awards at the fundraiser for divinc

Thanks to the breadth and depth of our backgrounds and experiences and our team being seen, heard, and supported, we bring a much broader perspective and understanding to lifting up each other, our clients, and our community.

Do these sound like people you’d like to work with? Come join our team or contact us to talk about our (un)common approach to digital marketing and how it can help grow your business!