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45% of consumers age 36 and under think social media is the most relevant channel for ads.
With more than 3 billion people active on social media, social advertising has a huge, relatively ad-friendly audience. (un)Common Logic makes it count.

The reach of social is undeniable, but your social ads might not be reaching the specific groups within that 3-billion user base that you most want to target. And you might have to fight for visibility within a very crowded channel.

This is where your (un)Common team comes in: our data-obsessed SEM experts analyze your company’s goals, existing campaigns, and ad performance as well as the details of social channels to find the best places for your paid media advertising. We also guide your creative team on what messages and offers bring the highest returns on social, so you can speak directly to your people on the platforms they use regularly.

We optimize your social ads to ensure:

  • Strong offers and calls to action
  • Consistent messaging aligned with marketing strategy
  • Strategic usage of all relevant placements, platforms, and ad types
  • Regular testing and optimizing of ad creative
  • Mobile optimization and performance

“Social traffic is so interesting because you have to understand the channel itself, the audience within that channel, and the specific audience you want to target, since audiences and their behaviors vary across the different social media channels. Social is also interesting because within the channels people are generally looking to interact with the content on the page and thus the content tends to be more fun and engaging. This allows for an opportunity to create marketing tactics and design your ads specifically for your different target audiences to encourage users to engage with your brand.”

Christina Poulin, SEM Account Manager

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