sports play outline visual representing SEO content strategy
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70% of marketers don’t have a documented content strategy
Does your content team have a roadmap, or are they flying blind through content creation?
sports play outline visual representing SEO content strategy

Without a clearly defined content strategy, your team could produce lots of content… but very little of the content your customers want. The best content follows a strategy aligned with your business goals: targeted, relevant, interesting, valuable to site visitors, and leading to conversions.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Build “content clusters” that add value to site visitors while compounding your site’s authority for search engines
  • Find “content gaps” where your content can fill a need within the search landscape for your relevant topics
  • Develop a “content machine” that guides your team members in creating content that’s valuable from a visitor standpoint and an SEO standpoint

With our customary focus on data, detail, innovation, and bold thinking, we help you develop content that answers questions searchers might not even have realized they had. That kind of content starts customer relationships directly from the page.

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