Sandy Powers

Sandy Powers

Senior HR Manager

Sandy joined the (un)Common Logic team in late 2017, and quickly delighted us with her warm, extroverted personality and positive attitude. In addition to managing recruiting and hiring (which we really need, because we’re growing!), Sandy also leads the social team, from birthday cards to Olympics celebrations to baby showers.
What is your background?

The University of Texas brought me to Austin. HOOK EM!! Austin, Austin, Austin kept me here! I started my career in education and continued my love of teaching, mentoring, and training. The HR profession has given me the opportunity to use my skills to recruit and to retain…the Best People!

What are your responsibilities at (un)Common Logic?

I am responsible for lots of good morning “Hellooo”s, helping to maintain and build on our awesome culture, recruiting great people, and retaining great people. I also share time as the HR Manager at our sister company 360Connect.

What’s your favorite thing about working at (un)Common Logic?

The culture, the incredible people, the alignment of mission, values and vision! Lots of smiles and a hearty helping of laughter!

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Getting to spend time with every person on our wonderful team! There’s never enough time.

Anything big happening this year outside of work?

Family trip! YAY!!

What makes Austin special?

Everything. The people, the openness, the lake, hiking, cycling, views, great book stores, dining, The University of Texas, and dog-friendly places everywhere!

What makes you (un)Common?

I like to sit on my roof in the treetops and write! The neighbors have gotten used to it, mostly.