When it comes to deploying a highly profitable full-funnel PPC strategy, (un)Common Logic has you covered, seats and all. 

Prior to (un)Common Logic’s partnership with a rising US-based seat covers manufacturer, our client had seen a 14% increase in website revenue year-over-year. While revenue, and channel spend, steadily grew, testing across marketing channels was stagnant, with only one completed test in the account over a 12-month period. Our digital marketing experts were hungry to apply (un)Common Logic best practices across marketing channels, seeing huge potential for growth and expansion in the booming online automotive aftermarket accessories industry.

Our (un)Common approach led to a $1.6 million dollar increase in annual revenue – and that’s just looking at the first six months of 2023. How’d we do it? Buckle up for a run-down of our methodical approach to jump-starting this client’s channel growth.

Always “On” Testing Strategy

Prior to partnering with us, the account saw sporadic and limited testing. We supercharged this area by instituting an ‘Always-On’ testing mindset. This means we constantly assess, tweak, and refine, ensuring our strategies stay agile and impactful. We recognize that the digital marketplace is ever-evolving, and so our strategies need to be equally dynamic. Continuous testing included:

  • Programmatic Brand Lift – Will expansion to programmatic result in increased brand awareness, while maintaining the same high performance standards of other PPC marketing channels?
  • Creative Testing – Are animated creatives more impactful in driving new users to the site vs. static images? Do UGC videos result in a higher user purchase rate vs. standard branded video?
  • Google Performance Max – Which approach results in increased efficiency and revenue: Google Standard campaigns or Google Performance Max campaigns?
  • Bing Shopping Expansion – Is expanding to Bing Shopping the right investment for this client?

Product Feed Optimizations

It’s not enough to simply present products to consumers; it’s about presenting the right products in the most appealing manner. Our team meticulously fine-tuned product feeds, making certain that when a potential customer encounters a product, it’s optimally positioned for conversion. This level of detail transforms casual browsing into definite purchasing.

Intentional segmentation of the account’s product feed and positioning of our client’s most profitable and popular seat covers was instrumental in driving additional sales and revenue. Following a segmentation test, our client’s (un)Commonly optimized product feed contributed to a 33% lift in sales year over year.

Boost Brand Awareness with Programmatic

The online automotive arena is buzzing, and amidst this noise, brands can get lost. We countered this with programmatic advertising, a targeted approach to cast a wider yet relevant net, ensuring our client’s brand not only reaches potential customers but also resonates and remains etched in their minds. Our expansion to StackAdapt did exactly that, resulting in an average of a 10% increase in monthly site visitors

Email Marketing Partnership

Beyond the world of ads, we recognize the power of personal connection. Following a detailed analysis of customer purchase habits and holiday-focused sales performance, (un)Common Logic collaborated with our client’s Marketing Team on email marketing timing to hit the “sweet spot” of consumer behavior. This collaborative strategy has had a huge impact, most recently contributing to an additional 46% YoY increase in revenue for the Father’s Day 2023 weekend.

Constant Communication

Beyond the data and strategy, it’s (un)Common Logic’s dedication to individualized client communication that truly distinguishes us. At the heart of our digital marketing approach is a two-pronged philosophy: cutting-edge strategy and genuine human connection. We believe in close, continuous communication with our clients, and our close partnership with our client’s team has been instrumental in driving (un)Common results for their business. From daily check-ins on performance pacing to strategy calls to analyze the success of product launches, collaboration and communication have been the key to driving long-standing success.

chart showing 33% revenue growth of 1h23 over 1h22 for auto aftermarket client

As our team gears up for a bustling Black Friday and holiday season ecommerce push, one thing is for sure: we’ll continue to challenge the status quo. (un)Common results are driven by (un)Common approaches to testing, communication, and strategy – and you can bet we’ll be pedal to the metal, full speed ahead. 

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