It’s no surprise that digital marketing continues to be a key driver of B2C growth.

  • US consumers will spend 161 minutes a day with digital video this year, which will grow to 173 minutes in the next two years.
  • Total ecommerce sales in the US are projected to reach $1,001.5 billion by the end of 2023.
  • 72%of small businesses have a website that they leverage for e-commerce growth.

If your business isn’t placing a high priority on your digital marketing strategy and tactics, you’re giving your competitors the chance to get ahead.

As technology advances, businesses that adapt and optimize their digital marketing efforts will be the ones that thrive. Connect online with your target audience and provide personalized experiences. Leverage strategies like SEO, social media marketing, influencers, user-generated content, and diversify your paid media strategy to set your company up for success.

Having said that, every business is different – no one should jump on the latest trend without carefully evaluating its potential for success. We partner closely with our clients to develop each one a customized, data-driven strategy that includes regularly testing expansion opportunities which fit their target audience, operational capabilities, and business goals.

The companies we see driving the most success from digital marketing continually reassess their strategy and approach to measuring the incrementality of their digital marketing investment.

Our partnership approach with our clients means that everything we do is focused on achieving client-specific business goals. From our initial kick-off process and discovery session through our regular reporting and client meetings, we ask questions and analyze data to bring custom suggestions for new growth opportunities to each business.

While we’ve generated strong digital marketing results for B2C clients in numerous industries across the globe in the last 15 years, lately we’ve seen increased performance for some industries in particular.

Which B2C Industries Are Seeing Significant Growth Through Digital Marketing?

Here are some of the top B2C industries we see driving big results from digital:

1. Aftermarket Automotive – Digital marketing can be a far more cost-effective way to scale and promote an aftermarket automotive brand or product, especially when compared to the industry’s historical use of more traditional forms of marketing like television. With digital campaigns, companies can use precise targeting and granular optimization levers to refine media spend based on what is performing well. This allows automotive companies to reach more potential customers at the right time as they move down their path to purchase.

Learn how (un)Common Logic used a tightly themed account structure paired with improved audience targeting and incrementality testing to help our aftermarket automotive partner increase revenue $378k year-over-year while increasing ROAS 40%.
chart showing QoQ increase in revenue and quote from happy client

2. Apparel & Accessories – The apparel and accessories industries are now considered some of the most competitive industries in the market. And digital marketing on sites like TikTok and Instagram has become as fashion-forward as the latest fashion trends. With countless brands competing for attention across a diverse range of channels, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and establish long-term brand awareness. And yet!, it’s a common industry of success for our team of experts.

Read how our team used paid media to develop a data-driven, customized approach that led an online glasses retailer to 35X revenue growth over nine years despite an increasingly competitive landscape.

chart showing nine years of revenue growth while improving roas

3. Energy & Electricity Providers – Following the deregulation of electricity for the majority of Texas in 2002, the state has grown into the largest deregulated electricity market in the nation. With this shift, consumers are able to choose where their energy comes from based on the rates, plans, and products that best fit their needs. Given how competitive this market is, consumers and businesses alike often turn to search engines to find information about electricity plans and rates. As you’d expect, energy and electricity providers experience a great degree of seasonality in business performance based on the time of the year. More specifically, customers are more interested in researching new plans and service options when they are really hot or cold.

Learn how (un)Common Logic’s SEO experts boosted visibility, traffic, and conversions for this B2C client in the energy industry.

chart showing increased nonpaid conversions

These are just a few of the top B2C industries we see driving significant results and revenue via digital marketing.

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