Kat Shenkan

Kat Shenkan

Senior Account Strategist

Kat Shenkan's marketing degree combined with her experience in television gives her an extra edge in her responsibilities as a Senior Account Strategist.
What is your background?

I grew up in South Louisiana and went to college at Ole Miss. While there I earned my degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Prior to joining (un)Common Logic, I worked on the digital team at WDSU, a local TV station in New Orleans, LA.

What are your responsibilities at (un)Common Logic?

As a Senior Account Strategist I work across multiple accounts, managing the day-to-day client relationship, determining account strategy, and managing at the strategic and tactical levels in order to meet performance goals.

What’s your favorite thing about working at (un)Common Logic?

The people. Everyone is super supportive and makes coming to work fun.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

What makes my job the most challenging is also one of the reasons I love digital so much. Things are constantly changing and advancing in this industry - you have to stay on your toes and always be learning.

Anything big happening this year outside of work?

I moved to Portland, Oregon!

What makes Austin special?

The natural beauty! You have the big city feel of downtown but then places like Barton Springs make you feel like you’re somewhere else.

What’s the story you love to tell or the trick you love to do at parties?

That I sang with ABBA on stage in New York City when I was in middle school…I cannot sing so I am still not sure how that happened!