SEO: Increased Local & Facebook Traffic in 6 Months for Medical College

Enhanced local listings and optimized Facebook pages created the brand awareness among their target market that this medical college needed.

47% increase in local traffic
30X increase in Facebook traffic
56X increase in Facebook leads

This medical college had recently undergone a name change and needed greater brand awareness among increased competition. How could we increase their online presence among their target market?

Our Approach
  • Created consistent and enhanced local listings
  • Optimized their Facebook business page and appeal
  • Used Facebook categories to assist in platform searches

Since this client’s preferred audience spent significant amounts of time on Facebook, having accurate listing information and a strong business page was essential. In addition to using Facebook categories to assist in platform searches, our team populated the page’s “Products” section with degree programs, added photos on the client’s profile page which showed people in the jobs for which the client offered degree programs, and accounted for all locations on one central business page, all of which led to increased brand awareness and leads.

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