Thinking about incorporating Twitter into your paid media plan? Good for you! Twitter offers a large and engaged audience, with a lot of advertising options to choose from.

Considering that Twitter has 368 million active monthly users, it’s a space you don’t want to miss out on regardless of who your target audience is. And with the lowest cost per impressions and the fact that the average Twitter ads ROI is 40% higher than other channels, it’s a good financial bet for many businesses.

Ready to step up your digital marketing game? Keep reading to learn more about (un)Common Logic’s proven Twitter marketing strategies for success, along with some case studies showing just how big an impact Twitter can have.

Why Use Twitter Advertising?

Twitter is a great social media ad platform, similar to other channels and favored by our team. Let us explain why.

At (un)Common Logic, we are all about granularity. That’s why we love how detailed Twitter allows you to get when it comes to the structure of ad campaigns, ad groups, and ad accounts. The devil is in the details and the more detailed the structure of your ads, the better they will perform. Twitter also allows you to align multiple campaign objectives with your business goals to achieve optimal results.

When it comes to audience reach, Twitter advertising provides a large audience base, and its detailed audience segmentation tools, including keyword targeting, enable you to target the right people with your ads. Additionally, Twitter advertising offers various ad types to choose from to align with your target audience and campaign objectives. And Twitter allows you to easily track your campaign’s progress and success through simple site pixel installation and goal tracking.

Twitter ads have got you covered with a bunch of tools to help you achieve your marketing goals. And the best part? Twitter is similar to other advertising platforms, so it’s easy to get started. At (un)Common Logic, we know how to make the most of these similarities and create effective campaigns that deliver results. So, whether you’re new to Twitter or not, it is definitely worth considering for your next advertising campaign.

How Does Advertising on Twitter Work?

Account Structure

At (un)Common Logic, we like to get as detailed as possible with our account structure. For example, we make sure that every target audience or keyword set has its own dedicated ad group.

Twitter has a different approach – they prefer an all-in-one approach where you create a single ad group that covers all your audience targets. Though we had some initial doubts, we decided to give this method a try and were pleased to discover that, for our clients advertising in Twitter, it actually performed better than our strategy for other channels of having separate ad groups for each audience.

Thanks to Twitter’s algorithm, we’ve found that using a one ad group per campaign approach is highly effective in optimizing our audience segments. Our clients have benefited from this strategy and seen great results.

Twitter’s got you covered with tons of campaign objectives to choose from, like Reach, Engagement, Followers, Video Views, App Installs, Website Traffic, and Conversions. The Follower campaign is especially great for growing your brand, and it’s something you’ll not find on other social media platforms.

Even though Twitter uses this approach, you can still get a detailed breakdown of your audience’s performance by checking out the audience reporting section.

Audience Targeting

One of the biggest advantages of Twitter Ads is its extensive audience options.

One of the standout features is the Follower Lookalike targeting, which allows you to target people who resemble any Twitter account, no matter how many followers they have. This gives you all kinds of options to target not just people who look like your audience, but also those who follow your competition and other important players in your industry.

screenshot showing an example of a twitter follower lookalike audience

Twitter Ads also offers a unique and advanced targeting option through keyword targeting, which sets it apart even more from other social media platforms. It lets you target keywords that people are using on Twitter to find users who are interested in your industry/offering. Pro tip: to cast a wider net, throw some hashtags into the mix that are relevant to your audience.

And that’s not all – Twitter Ads also lets you target by interests, demographics, and even conversations (like ones about the latest TV shows or global news). Plus, you can create custom audiences based on your website traffic or customer lists.

screenshot showing options for creating a new twitter audience

If you’re worried about finding the right people on Twitter, don’t be – they’ve got tons of targeting options to help you reach the right audience!

Twitter Ad Formats

Ad visuals play a significant role in the success of campaigns on social media platforms, including Twitter. Thankfully, Twitter offers several options to make a big impact on users with your ad visuals.

If you’re aiming to build brand awareness or engagement on Twitter, there are a couple of ad formats that you might want to consider. Image and video ads are great for showcasing your brand’s personality or products. Another option is follower ads, which feature a “follow” call-to-action button that encourages people to follow your account directly from the ad.

screenshot of an example of a twitter follower ad

If you’re looking for action driven campaigns, then you might want to check out these ad formats. Poll and survey ads allow you to engage with your audience and get valuable feedback. Then, we’ve got website cards, which are basically image or video ads that lead people to a specific URL on your website. They’re great for promoting a new product or service, or just getting more traffic to your site. Another option is app cards, which are perfect if you’re trying to drive app installs or engagement. And if you want to showcase multiple products or services in one ad, then the carousel format is your best bet. Whether you’re looking for clicks, installs, or sales, these ad formats have got you covered!

screenshot of a sample twitter carousel ad

Twitter has a unique aspect to its ads – ad text. Ad text should be concise and to the point. Though the maximum character limit is 280, it’s best to keep the text to 150 characters or fewer. Twitter users are searching for quick updates, so your ads should match that expectation by being brief.

Optimizations & Testing

If you’re thinking about advertising on Twitter, you’ve made a smart choice! They’ve got lots of ways to help you target your ideal audience and create ads that look great. We’d suggest layering a group of relevant audience segments that are specific to your business or product, then launch your ads and keep an eye on how these segments are performing. That way, you can see what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your targeting or ad visuals as needed.

When it comes to Twitter ads, choosing the right ad type is crucial to achieving your campaign goals. For example, if you want more people to engage with and follow your channel, then follower ads are a great option. But if your goal is to increase newsletter sign-ups on your website, then it’s important to use a website card that leads directly to your sign-up page.

Remember, the key to success is testing, refining, and testing again. This strategy can be implemented by anyone and has been proven successful by (un)Common Logic clients.

(un)Common Twitter Ads Results

We’re no strangers to Twitter advertising – in fact, we’ve wrangled with its ever-changing trends and updates before! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our case studies below to see the impressive results we’ve delivered.

Case Study #1: 671% Increase in Followers at Low Cost-Per-Follow in Only Two Months

For this B2B aerospace client, we first segmented their campaigns by campaign goal. Then, using our test, refine, test approach, we experimented with new content types while implementing continuous optimizations. The results speak for themselves.

two charts showing twitter follower increases and low cost per follower acquisition over 8 months

Case Study #2: Significant Newsletter Sign-Ups & 5X Follower Growth in Six Months

For this B2C niche online newsletter, we used a highly segmented audience structure and customized messaging based on those audiences to increase their following by 5X in only the first 6 months. But the results didn’t stop there. We then helped turn their followers into subscribers while reducing the cost/sign-up.

chart showing increased twitter newsletter sign ups with decrease cost per sign up over 9 months

Could Twitter Advertising Work for You?

We know it can be intimidating to manage all the details when it comes to advertising on Twitter along with the rest of your digital marketing efforts. We get it! If you’re looking to grow your business, let’s talk about how our data-driven strategies can help you meet your goals.

Contact us to discover how (un)Common Logic can help you with advertising on Twitter along with your other digital marketing needs!