Paid Media Audit: Paid Search Home Inspection

Paid Media Audit: Paid Search Home Inspection

How our paid media audit for a B2C property developer client revealed clear opportunities and priorities.


Texas developer specializing in land for custom home building, plus a plot of pre-built homes


The results of managing their paid search activities in-house weren’t worth the time, money, or effort


Evaluated their paid search account against our proven optimal account structure

(un)Common Outcomes
Colorful pyramid showing ideal results of a paid media audit for a b2c client, from strategic alignment to landing pages

Our audit comprehensively examines a company’s paid media activities and the results they yield. When auditing, we look for:

  • Clear strategy aligned with business goals
  • Campaigns and ad groups split into logical, thematic groups
  • Correct management of negative and long-tail keywords
  • Average Quality Score of at least 7.0
  • Regular bid optimization
  • Strong, clear messaging and calls to action (CTAs) in ad copy
  • Proper leveraging of additional channels (social, shopping, etc.)
  • A cohesive mobile strategy
  • Remarketing tailored to user actions or buying funnel
  • Landing pages with clear paths and consistent messaging
  • Analytics goals consistent with paid search conversions
Pyramid with dark colors indicating sub-par results from conducting a paid media audit for a b2c client

However, when we examined the client’s account, we found:

  • Paid media efforts were not aligned with business goals
  • No clear paid search strategy
  • Campaigns and ad groups weren’t properly segmented
  • Average Quality Score of 5.5 meant higher bid prices
  • Misuse of negative keywords
  • Bids not optimized regularly
  • Ad copy lacked clear CTAs
  • No regular testing of new channels or tactics
  • Company wasn’t using remarketing
  • No clear strategy for mobile
  • Landing pages lacked consistent messaging and compelling CTAs
  • Missing historical performance data made long-term analysis impossible
  • Incorrect analytics setup

A more superficial audit would have missed crucial elements like strategic alignment and end-to-end elements like landing pages and conversion tracking. But our audit yielded a clear plan of action to improve every aspect of the client’s paid media activities.

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