At (un)Common Logic, one core value we hold close to our hearts is “Always Learn and Try New Things.” This value holds true throughout your time at (un)Common Logic, whether you’ve been here for 3 months or 10 years. Learnings can be found in many ways outside of the (un)Common Logic “digital marketing crash course” you get during your first few months here, and as someone who has been here over 3 years, I find myself learning something new almost every week.

How Does the (un)Common Logic Team Share Learnings?

A key part of sharing learnings with each other is during our weekly team meetings where we share successes, learnings, pitfalls, and opportunities. Even if a client is in a different industry, the experiences and learnings that one team may have can provide incredible insights and efficiencies to others. These team meetings are a great opportunity to share new test ideas, technology learnings, and make suggestions on how/where/which clients could benefit from them. (And they’re fun, too!)
photo of a team meeting

One thing that rings true to anyone in the digital marketing landscape is that things are ALWAYS changing and developing quickly. Having a large and diverse team of PPC, SEO, CRO, Social Media, and Analytics experts and portfolio of work helps us take on that responsibility and in turn educate our clients so we can cover the depth and breadth of the digital marketing landscape through our collective experiences. This is also done with the understanding that with all clients, there is confidentiality and intellectual property to be respected. Our sharing of findings and trends is 100% about developing our marketing skills, building efficiencies in our work, and doing all we can to provide excellent results for our clients.

What About Learning Through Getting Certifications?

Individually we also keep up with current certifications in our chosen specialties (and our many over-achievers have certifications outside of their specialties). All employees are Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Bing Ads certified (100% participation!). To make that even better, 44% of the employees at (un)Common Logic have more than 3 certifications including Facebook, Amazon Ads, SEMRush, Trade Desk Edge – you name it, someone here has mastered it.

How Else Does the Team Keep Learning and Trying New Things?

Outside of our weekly team learnings, individually, you will find us doing “personal development” through industry specific research. These learnings of course are also shared within the team meetings but really help each manager, analyst, and strategist stay abreast on industry-related trends, upcoming launches, or expected changes in the future. This year, for example, with the launch of GA4, changes due to the upcoming cookieless world, and the impacts we expect to see to targeting and reporting, we were able to get in front of clients and start preparing them early for these major changes.
photo of a team meeting

We also have a smaller group meeting for the analysts on the team where more strategic discussions arise. This meeting, led by our PPC product specialist Daniel Vardi, is where we can really dig into new channels, expansion ideas, and other tips & tricks from our fellow analysts. We also frequently bring in an external trainer to talk about their field of expertise (this year we’ve had trainings by Google, YouTube Brand Connect, Meta, Reddit, Twitter, Quora and others) as well as hosting bi-weekly calls with our premier partner channel reps to keep on top of any new developments or beta opportunities. Our agency also devotes a sizeable yearly budget to send members of our team to premier conferences such as SMX Advanced, Google Marketing Live, and Programmatic I/O and share their learnings after they’ve attended. 

A lot of our learnings come from firsthand experience: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good being the wins we want to shout from the rooftops – successful tests, expansions, and overall quick wins we have experienced across channels. The bad looks like those tests or ideas you had that didn’t quite work out but can share what you may have done differently or if you think it works better for another industry or campaign type. And the one we hate to see, the ugly. Mistakes happen of course, we are human after all (though some of us may be part robot). When mistakes do happen, we try to turn that ugly into something beneficial – say it with me, “a learning moment.”  These ugly truths are what make us all better at the end of the day. Common and (un)Common (see what I did there?) mistakes are shared across the team to understand what happened, what could have been done differently, and most importantly, what we can do to ensure it does not repeat itself.

If you are able to visit our office, you will see in big (un)Common Logic colors our core values including “Always Learn and Try New Things.” (un)Common Logic prides itself on these words, ensuring we’re at industry-leader levels in the digital marketing world. The culture and leadership here is based around striving to push ourselves to be our best, for our clients and for our own ability to achieve and be better than the people or company we were yesterday. I promise, these values will be evident to you whether you choose to hire (un)Common Logic, or come work within our team!