What’s next for the future of marketing data and analytics? Melissa Mines of Bulldog Solutions introduces the AI-based tools that can help quantify the qualitative aspects of content.
From the session “Drowning in Data, but Thirsty for Insight?” given by Elizabeth Crinejo and Melissa Mines at ConnectToConvert, August 21, 2017.


I’ve transitioned from kind of more the content world over into more the data-driven world, and so I see the tension often between this creative “It’s pretty, and it sounds really pithy.” with “Well, yeah that’s nice, but how is it performing?” You know the amazing thing that we can do, and I’ll click through this, is that you can actually break out like just from a sheer content marketing, there’s another side of your marketing house that’s thinking about this, into things that you can measure, and so often you can measure experiences to connect. We just talked about that for the last bit.

You can look at your buyers. You can see where they are, but kind of this missing sort of fuzzy thing out there is this whole concept of narratives and storytelling, and there’s some really cool technology out there that’s starting to look at narratives and storytelling and providing analysis compared to where you are on this arc of a story. So one of the things, and, again, you can—and if I can work this—that’s really interesting is that machine learning can now look at some unique rules and apply conversations and storylines and apply some science to not only looking at your storyline and its efficacy against itself but also against your competitors in terms of are you connecting emotionally and of that.

So, this is something we’re starting to play with. It’s still very beta, but it’s actually pretty interesting when we start to look at yet another layer. I know how to overcomplicate things of data to take a look at, because not only do you want to find where your customers are, see how they’re engaging, but then you want to get smarter about the stories that you’re telling, and then you may be able to automate those stories or some fascinating things going on with bots and stuff like that in terms of creating content that’s smarter, and there’s just too much to ingest. So, we’re going to have to begin—I pause it. We’re going to have to start to take a look at some of this machine learning as it applies.

So, I’d love to learn if some of you were playing with that because I think that’s where a lot of these worlds collide in marketing. You know, this is from a company called 8-Point Arc that I’m quite a fan of. Quid, if any of you have played with Quid, looking at some really interesting things from conversation and measurement out there in the social sphere, and I think you’re gonna start to see some of this overlay on top of some of the work that we do.