Our “Drowning in Data, But Thirsty for Insight?” series doesn’t stop at blog posts. We’ve also created infographics, checklists, videos, a case study – even “trading cards” for our six data sea monsters! Get all the resources for the “Drowning in Data…” series here.


  • Drowning in Data, But Thirsty for Insight? captures all the information in this series in one place
  • Getting Data You Can Trust is essentially the first half of the main eBook, focusing on getting your company’s marketing data to a level of reliability and “cleanliness” where it can be deployed for strategic use
  • Applying Data to Content is the other half of the main eBook, focusing on the questions you can use on your clean, reliable data to determine content strategy



Case study

  • Dominating with Data shows how an enterprise company used data and a scientific approach to generate impressive results from an email list

Trading cards

  • The Six Data Sea Monsters – these printable cards can be used to start conversations about data issues, remind team members of the dangers of bad data, and more

All these resources are 100% free, with no form fill required. We hope you enjoy them!