CRO: Increased Leads for Online Higher Education Provider 141% in 15 Days

Analyzing this website's top pages and A/B testing one significant change led to a 141% increase in leads for this company in just 15 days.

141% increase in form submissions
171% increase in CTA button clicks
195% increase in YoY conversion rate

Could conversion rate optimization help this online higher education provider increase their Request Info form submissions?

Our Approach
  • Analyzed top pages across the website
  • Low-funnel program pages were not optimized with call-to-action buttons
  • Initiated an A/B test adding CTAs throughout the program pages

screenshot showing original program page without CTAs
Program pages like this one did not have call-to-action (CTA) buttons.


screenshot showing CTAs added to program page
Adding red CTAs quickly increased form submissions significantly.


graph of increased conversions after adding ctas to program pages

Read more about our conversion rate optimization approach and experience or use our CRO calculator to see what a difference CRO could make to your results. 

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