PPC: Doubled Revenue & Tripled Conversions While Reducing CPA

Increasing competition from Amazon made meeting revenue projections difficult for this company providing cost estimates to the construction industry - could we help close the gap?

108% increase in revenue
21% decrease in CPA
216% increase in conversions

Cost estimates for the construction industry have been under increasing pressure, including from Amazon, resulting in a revenue gap for this long-time service provider. Could we help close the gap?

Our Approach
  • Revenue-focused structure at all levels of the buying funnel
  • Expansion into new ad types and using custom audience targeting
  • Continuous optimization driven by ongoing analysis and market trends

chart with Q4 YoY conversions revenue cpa
Expansion into DSA ads, gmail ads, responsive display ads and YouTube videos, along with additional extensions in Google and Bing, fueled tremendous growth.

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