CRO: Significant Increase in Mobile Registration Rates Through Copy and Design Testing

Our conversion rate optimization team applied & tested mobile-specific design & copy best practices to this B2B client to more than double registration rates.

104% registration starts
157% registration engagement

For this B2B client, 40% of their total traffic was on mobile devices but they had 80% lower engagement on mobile than on desktops. 

Our Approach
  • Mobile-specific layout design optimization
  • Application of spatial best practices directed at user engagement:
    1. Increased main graphic to cover full screen
    2. Reduced copy to focus on the main values of the platform
    3. Increased opacity to improve contrast ratio
    4. Increased visibility (size) and value proposition (cost)) for main CTA

Improved Version

Read more about our conversion rate optimization approach and experience or use our CRO calculator to see what a difference CRO could make to your results. 

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