CRO: Increased Conversions & User Flow Via Layout & Design Testing

Focusing on the information users wanted and the user journey enabled our website conversion rate optimization team to increase conversions and user flow for this B2B medical industry client.

53% increase in Request a Quote page visits
28% conversions
21% increase in conversion rate

This B2B client was experiencing declining revenue and a dip in product page performance. Could we use website conversion rate optimization to help?

Our Approach
  1. Highlighted core strengths of products by refining header value propositions
  2. Guided users to take desired action on website by updating sticky navigation & calls-to-action
  3. Improved visibility of products via emphasizing accreditations & streamlining content

original product page for b2b medical industry client

Improved Version

improved product page using cro for b2b medical industry client

Read more about our conversion rate optimization approach and experience or use our CRO calculator to see what a difference CRO could make to your results. 

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