CRO: 240% Increase in Conversion Rate Through Testing and Redesign

Testing and implementation of CRO best practices led to a 240% increase in conversion rate for this security SaaS company.

240% Increase in demo form conversion rate
517% Increase in form submissions
9% Decrease in homepage bounce rate

This security SaaS company wanted to increase demo form submissions but their website messaging and design strategies were not well defined. How could we help them improve the user journey so that the right kind of searchers found and requested their demo?

Our Approach
  • Redesigned their primary product page to align with UX best practices
  • A/B tests were conducted on navigation, CTAs, and form page to increase conversion rate
  • Surpassed goal of 700 demo requests
Redesigned Primary Product Page

screenshot of redesigned homepage

Conversion Rate Results

chart showing increase in conversions

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