PPC: Increased Leads 75% & Reduced CPL 312%

Verato, a B2B healthcare SaaS company, saw a significant increase in leads with the help of (un)Common Logic's PPC team.

75% Increase in Conversions Year-Over-Year (YoY)
312% Decreased CPL Year-Over-Year (YoY)

Verato offers the industry’s first hMDM, an MDM designed specifically for healthcare. Advertising a product or service that is the first of its kind can be tricky. Verato’s challenge in Google and LinkedIn was introducing the Verato brand in a competitive space and bringing awareness to their unique product to fill the pipeline and drive revenue.

Our Approach

(un)Common Logic worked collaboratively with Verato to shift away from an “always on top” strategy that prioritized appearing first in the SERP through paid media to one that balanced both high-funnel and low-funnel advertising. Our approach prioritized driving conversions over impressions by serving ads to the right audiences, ultimately generating a steady flow of leads into the pipeline and creating MQA opportunities that build revenue for the business.


Prioritizing conversions over impressions results in a 75% increase in leads and 312% more efficient CPL YoY.

  • Scaled Conversions
    • Through a balanced high-funnel/low-funnel advertising strategy that prioritized conversions to fill the pipeline and drive revenue conversions increased 75% YoY.
  • Improved Cost Efficiency
    • Serving ads to relevant and ready-to-convert audiences resulted in a steady flow of conversions that both filled the pipeline and reduced CPL 312% YoY.
  • Client Satisfaction
    • “WoW = Week over Week and WOW.. Thanks for your efforts.” – Head of Demand Generation at Verato

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