PPC: 2 Year Diversification Strategy for E-Commerce

Seat Covers Unlimited, an aftermarket automotive e-commerce company, saw a 59% increase in orders at a 10% more profitable ROAS with help from (un)Common Logic's PPC team.


Seat Covers Unlimited specializes in custom-fit seat covers for all types of vehicles. In partnering with (un)Common Logic, our objectives were to increase orders and revenue while consistently maintaining a return on ad spend (ROAS) at/over 300%, a target they had previously found challenging to hit. Since partnering with (un)Common Logic, Seat Covers Unlimited has achieved over 300% for 5 consecutive quarters.

Our Approach

(un)Common Logic’s PPC team prioritized cohesion between keywords, ads, and landing pages across both Google and Microsoft platforms. Furthermore, audience targeting was refined for all paid campaigns, bolstering their efficacy. This was complemented by channel mix diversification and a strategic testing cycle to restructure Shopping/PMAX campaigns towards highest profitability margins.


(un)Common Logic’s 2-year diversification strategy drove a 59% increase in orders at a 10% more profitable ROAS.

  • Channel Diversification
    • Non-Search campaigns previously accounted for only 10% of monthly budget. (un)Common Logic increased non-Search spend from 20% to 33% in favor of networks with lower CPCs.
  • Increase in Revenue
    • Alignment of keyword, ad copy, and landing pages reduced user friction and ultimately led to a 66% increase in revenue from Pre-(un)Common Logic to Year 2.
  • Increase in Orders
    • Expanding through full-funnel approach led to a more nurtured audience that resulted in 59% more orders from Pre-(un)Common Logic to Year 2.
  • Increase in AOV
    • Focusing on high-value product offerings and optimizing towards profitability using manufacturing costs, (un)Common Logic achieved a 29% higher AOV from Pre-(un)Common Logic to Year 2.

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