Paid Media: Homing in on Channels

Paid Media: Homing in on Channels

How selecting the best paid search channels for b2c based on audience alignment brought this property development client more leads, higher conversion rates and lower costs per lead


Texas developer specializing in land for custom home building, plus a development of pre-built homes


The client had managed their own paid search accounts, but found the results weren’t worth the time, money, or effort


Rebuilt paid search accounts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency

(un)Common Outcomes
Graphic showing differences in lead volume (18% lower), conversion rate (35% higher), and cost per lead (25% lower) for bing vs google

Like many companies, our client was using Bing in addition to Google, but concentrating most of their spend on Google. However, because we understood our client’s business, customers, and goals, we realized that Bing had a much higher proportion of the company’s target market than Google. We shifted our strategic focus to Bing, adjusted spend accordingly, and saw these results in just one year.

We didn’t just run the same ads in a different channel; we developed customized messaging for Bing users, resulting in a higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead than Google

While we focused on Bing, Google’s lead volume kept steady. As a result, total lead volume grew by 23% in 2 quarters

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