CRO: Landing Pages for Paid Media Ads

CRO: Landing Pages for Paid Media Ads

How we used conversion rate optimization (CRO) to boost a B2B SaaS client's revenue even further by improving landing pages for paid media ads.


SaaS firm for HR and learning management systems with a complex sales process


Competitors were attracting more, better-qualified leads, who converted more often


After increasing traffic from paid search, improve conversion rates by optimizing landing pages for paid media ads

(un)Common Outcomes
Graphic showing gains from optimizing landing pages for paid media ads: lead-to-MQL ratio increased 89%, cost per lead decreased 49%, and return on ad spend increased 233%

In addition to paid media services, we offer conversion rate optimization (CRO), a data-driven practice that continuously improves a client’s website to increase on-site conversions and, most importantly, revenue. CRO can amplify the value of paid media leads and multiply the value of paid media improvements. We applied these CRO practices to achieve the results shown above:

  • Directing users to pages that closely matched the text or image of the ad they clicked on and the searcher intent behind it, not to generic pages that frustrated visitors
  • Redesigning existing landing pages to present benefits clearly, request only the minimum needed information, and visually guide the user to respond to a compelling call to action
  • Providing ongoing A/B testing and optimizing for the landing pages to keep improving the quality and return for paid search leads and marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)
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