Local and Social SEO for Education Client

Local and Social SEO for Education Client

How we helped a medical college attract the prospective students who interested them the most by improving local and social seo for our education client


Medical college that had just undergone a name change and had very inconsistent listing information


Reaching their target audience: young women in the region looking to improve their lives


Optimizing the client’s Facebook page, other social pages, and local business directories

(un)Common Outcomes
Facebook leads increased by 56 times; Facebook traffic increased by 30 times; Facebook conversion rate doubled

Fixing Facebook

The client’s preferred audience spent significant amounts of time on Facebook, so having accurate listing information and a strong business page was essential. We optimized their Facebook presence:

  • Accounting for all locations on one central business page
  • Using Facebook categories to assist in platform searches
  • Populating the page’s “Products” section with degree programs
  • Adding photos of people in the jobs for which the client offered degree programs on the client’s profile page

Six months later, average monthly traffic volume had increased more than 30 times, conversion rate had doubled, and average monthly lead volume had increased by a factor of 56.

Text graphic depicting that by optimizing local and social SEO for an education client, traffic from local listings increased 47%

Improving local and Google+ listings

We helped the client add a short description about the school, a short description of each campus, and more/newer photos to each campus’s Google+ Local pages. We also ensured that the client’s name, location, phone numbers, website URL, and hours were consistent across all major directories and information sites.

In the six months after making these changes, we saw a 47% increase in traffic from Google+ Local and other local business listings.

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