Paid Media: Better Ads, More Leads

Paid Media: Better Ads, More Leads

How optimizing ad text and ad extensions for an SaaS company generated more lead volume from ad copy improvements


SaaS provider specializing in content management systems for large business communities


Paid search results had plateaued; needed to jump-start lead generation


Made adjustments to ad copy and extensions that yielded significant returns

(un)Common Outcomes
Text graphic showing 21-times-greater lead volume from ad copy improvements

Optimize ad copy

We rewrote the client’s ad templates and copy based on best practices for messaging, content, and formatting. Lead volume for the rewritten ads was 21 times the volume of the non-optimized ads, while cost per lead was cut almost in half.

Smart use of sitelink extensions increased conversion rate by 689% and lowered cost per lead by 89%

Target searchers with ad extensions

Sitelink extensions add up to four additional links to a paid search ad. The client’s previous sitelinks went to pages such as “About Us” or their blog; we replaced those with sitelinks targeting the pages and assets searchers were most likely to seek. Ads with searcher-centric sitelinks had a lead volume 1,846% higher than those with company-centric links. Furthermore, their conversion rate was 689% higher than the company-centric ads, while their cost per lead was 79% lower.

Tag icon to depict adding tags in Google Analytics for tracking paid media ad performance

Add tags for in-depth tracking

The client was tracking paid search ads as one large group in their analytics platform, making individual ad performance impossible to track without a deep dive into the account. We added tags to every ad for easy analysis in a familiar platform.

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