Better SEO in Three Months

Better SEO in Three Months

How we delivered better SEO in 3 months for a client in the education space simply by improving meta content


Medical college that had just undergone a name change and lost organic traffic


Finding ways to improve SEO quickly while implementing long-term solutions


A seemingly simple fix with a major impact on search-engine visibility and traffic

(un)Common Outcomes
Outcomes of better SEO in 3 months for a client in education: ranking pages up 7%, organic click-through rate up 38%, and organic impressions up 40%

Meta content problems

Our SEO audit revealed widespread problems in the site’s meta content:

  • 13% of pages had no meta titles; another 13% had duplicate titles
  • 25% of pages had titles that were too long
  • Page titles weren’t targeted to product offerings
  • All non-blog page titles had the client’s old name
  • 63% of pages had no meta description, including almost all blog posts
  • Calls to action in meta descriptions were weak

Meta content fixes

We focused on the client’s value proposition, aligned with a key brand statement, so that:

  • All titles aligned with content and product offering, and had relevant keywords
  • All meta descriptions included a brand value proposition statement and a clear call-to-action
  • All titles and meta descriptions met character limits

The result: greater organic visibility and traffic.

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