Ditch Universal Analytics and make the switch to GA4 before they break your heart...and your data.

Google Universal Analytics will leave you on July 1st.

Don't wait for them to break your heart. Your rebound is waiting in GA4.

(un)Common Logic is here for you.

We help you take charge of your analytics relationship.
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Trust us. Google does. More than 97% of all other agencies, worldwide.

FREE GA4 Migration & Custom Setup

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This will be the last time you have to go through this heartache. From now on, Google has pledged to keep GA4 and provide updates to enhance the customer experience.

GA4 offers benefits UA never could. Experience effortless scalability and streamlined connectivity to other reporting systems, allowing you better cross-device tracking and more!

GA4 comes equipped with features that prioritize user privacy and data security, without compromising valuable insights. With GA4, you can confidently explore your data, secure in the knowledge that privacy and data protection are top priorities.

Experience flexibility in data reporting with GA4’s Explorations and Custom Reports, empowering you to effortlessly explore and analyze your data, and uncover insights like never before.

GA4 offers a versatile conversion model that can be easily configured to meet your specific business objectives and priorities, making it the perfect fit for a wide range of organizations.

Don't be scared. This new start feels healthier already.

Let's define the relationship and move forward with a happy, healthy plan for your business

So, you're in love with GA4. We knew you would be.

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