PPC: Drove Higher Revenue & ROAS Despite Lower Demand During COVID-19

Our data-driven focus on results helped turn around falling revenue and ROAS during COVID-19 for this luxury specialty provider.

35% increase in revenue
18% decrease in spend
65% ROAS lift

During COVID-19, this luxury specialty provider saw a decrease in demand, along with production shortages. Could we help them maintain a positive ROAS and turn around declining revenue?

Our Approach
  • Reduced spend to only top revenue generating campaigns
  • Focused on low funnel marketing in search and shopping 
  • Strategic audience and landing page testing to improve conversion rate

chart showing increase in revenue and roas and decrease in spend
This client saw a large drop in conversion rate and revenue in early March, 2020. From March 1-10, CVR was 1.04% and ROAS was 244%. From March 11-19, CVR dropped to 0.34% and ROAS fell to 32%. By April, we turned those numbers back around through strategic marketing.

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