Paid Media: Building a Better Account

Paid Media: Building a Better Account

How our paid media account rebuild for a B2C client raised their conversion rate by 61% and lowered their cost per lead by 41% in just 90 days.


Texas developer specializing in land for custom home building, plus a development of pre-built homes


Had managed their own paid search accounts, but found the results weren’t worth the time, money, or effort


Rebuilt paid search accounts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency

(un)Common Outcomes
Graphic showing outcomes of a paid media account rebuild for a B2C client: lower costs per lead and per mql, higher conversion rate

How did we do it? By applying human intelligence to data and focusing on the details:

  • Leveraging search traffic data to determine top-priority keywords
  • Using match types intelligently to maximize efficiency and reduce cost
  • Customizing ad copy for each audience to maximize conversions
  • Optimizing bidding for maximum visibility of low-funnel terms
  • Applying searcher-intent best practices to all ads at every level
  • Strategically rebuilding remarketing campaigns to align messaging with searcher intent

Our proven way of structuring and organizing paid search campaigns has consistently delivered similar results for all our clients: conversion rates go up, cost per conversion goes down, and the account starts delivering leads and customers much more efficiently.

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