funnel representing paid media remarketing
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46% of digital marketers believe remarketing is the most underused paid media tactic.
The unsung hero of paid media, remarketing captures and converts the customers who “got away.”
funnel representing paid media remarketing

We believe that while not all companies are good candidates for remarketing services (also called “retargeting”), companies that use it wisely can see astonishingly high conversion rates and ROAS, with lower costs per acquisition, than those of regular search or display campaigns.

However, remarketing can require lots of oversight and hands-on management to ensure that former site users are revisited, but not inundated, by ads. Good thing that’s what we do. Our analysts develop custom plans to target site visitors at the right time and pace to move them down the funnel and into a longer relationship with your company.

Our remarketing campaigns include:

  • Capping impression frequency to keep ad fatigue at a minimum
  • Bidding and duration strategies aligned with user actions
  • Ads tailored to audience, actions, and location in the buying funnel
  • Regular creative testing to optimize returns
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