Paid Media: Structured for Scaling

Paid Media: Structured for Scaling

How our account rebuild gave an SaaS client a scalable paid media account to allow faster decision-making and greater growth.


SaaS provider specializing in content management systems for large business communities


Client wanted to scale, but paid search efforts had plateaued


Rebuilt paid search account to foster efficient, effective scaling

(un)Common Outcomes
Graphic showing results of account rebuild for a scalable paid media account: higher lead and mql volumes, lower cost per mql

Incorrect, inconsistent segmentation within the account had led to incomplete performance data, making productive budget decisions much more difficult. Besides hindering the client’s scaling efforts, this structure resulted in irrelevant ad traffic and wasted ad spend.

  • We reorganized campaigns by product category and match type
  • Because we now had much clearer data on campaign and ad group performance, we could focus spend on high performers that delivered higher- quality leads
  • We allocated ad spend at the campaign level by match type, based on our “golden ratio” that ensures an optimal mix of traffic with a low CPL
  • We normalized how many ads and keywords each ad group had for maximum testing efficiency, and organized ad groups by theme
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