SEO: Improving Organic Traffic Quickly

SEO: Improving Organic Traffic Quickly

The first-year fixes we made to a landscaping materials client’s website for improving organic traffic quickly


Landscaping materials company looking to increase organic traffic and offsite sales


Improving SEO to boost traffic while directing site users to and through conversion paths


Seemingly simple fixes that had a significant impact on search-engine-friendliness, visibility, and traffic

(un)Common Outcomes
Text graphic showing that page load time was reduced by 46%

Speed up load times

We recommended technical and back-end changes that reduced page load time from 6.7 seconds to 3.6 seconds. On average, a 1-second delay in page load time can yield up to 6% fewer page views. By improving the client’s load time by more than 3 seconds, we increased their site’s average session duration by more than 31% in the first year.

Map and magnifying glass icon symbolizing providing a map for search engines

Show search engines what to do

We updated the site’s robots.txt file to show search engines how to crawl the site. We also fixed a major issue with the sitemap: new pages had been created but the sitemap.xml file hadn’t been updated to reflect this new content. While a new sitemap doesn’t directly cause search engines to index these pages, it’s a positive signal to search engines that the pages are of sufficient quality to be indexed.

Text graphic showing that monthly organic traffic increased 18% in the first year

Impact on organic traffic

The cumulative effect of these changes, among others, we were able to increase organic traffic to the site by 18.2% in our first year. More importantly, conversion rates (visits to the Where to Buy page, an indicator of an offline sale) rose by 20.4% in that time, meaning that the additional traffic was higher-quality than previous traffic.

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