CRO Services: Increased Demo Form Conversion Rate 84% in 7 Months

Analyzing user behavior across its website, conducting A/B testing, and implementing data-driven improvements increased demo form conversions by 84% in 7 months for this B2B player in the auto industry.

84% increase in form conversion rate
100% A/B test success rate
9% decrease in homepage bounce rate

Could conversion rate optimization help this B2B company in the auto industry to increase their demo form submissions?

Our Approach
  • Analyzed user behavior across the website and prioritized high-value CRO testing opportunities
  • Conducted 5 A/B tests, redesigned 4 pages, and created a new mega menu on the website over 7 months
A/B Test Success Rate

table showing successful test results

Form Submissions and Conversion Rate

chart showing form downloads and conversion rates

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