SEO: More Leads from a Site Relaunch

SEO: More Leads from a Site Relaunch

How the (un)Common SEO team helped a client get more leads from a site relaunch, tripling organic leads and conversion rate


Medical college with a new brand; they had redesigned their site earlier but were ready for a full relaunch


Improving the site’s overall SEO, with an emphasis on promoting the college’s new nursing program


Optimizing the site’s technical function, user experience, architecture, and mobile-friendliness

(un)Common Outcomes
Text graphic showing that overall page file size decreased by 70% following a relaunch, meaning faster page load times and a better user experience

Faster load times, no broken links

We reduced file sizes by compressing HTTP elements and images while relocating and optimizing render-blocking content like plugins and fonts for faster page load times. We also fixed 127 broken links stemming from a defunct blogging platform the client had used.

Text graphic showing that following a relaunch, 100% of site's pages were scored as

Mobile optimization

We insisted that the relaunched site had responsive design, as 60% of the client’s target audience used a mobile device as their primary internet device. Every page on the site achieved a “mobile-friendly” rating from Google PageSpeed Insights.

Text graphic showing that organic leads and conversion rate doubled in the first quarter after a relaunch, and had tripled by 2 more quarters later

Better user experience

We redesigned the site’s navigation bar to offer user-focused, action-oriented choices leading to conversions, especially the most crucial option: “Enroll Now,” rather than “Admissions.”

Overall results

In the first quarter after the relaunch, organic lead volume doubled; by two quarters later, it had tripled. Organic conversion rate followed the same pattern, nearly doubling in the first quarter post-relaunch, then reaching exactly triple the original amount two quarters later.

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