Paid Media: Higher Quality Score, Higher ROAS

Paid Media: Higher Quality Score, Higher ROAS

How our focus on optimization and detail saved a fintech client more than $600K in ad spend thanks to Quality Score's effect on ROI.


Financial services provider specializing in online bill-paying with 45 billers nationwide in the energy industry


Maximizing their ROAS by improving Quality Score for paid search ads, thus reducing ad spend


Constant testing, optimizing, and re-testing of ad copy, keyword matches, and landing pages

(un)Common Outcomes
Table depicting ad spend savings based on Quality Score, which translates into Quality Score's effect on ROI: a Quality Score of 10 results in a 30% discount on ad costs, while a Quality Score of 1 raises ad costs by 600%

How Quality Score works

One often-overlooked aspect of paid search is Quality Score, the numeric value a search engine assigns to a keyword based on how well a client’s ads bidding on that keyword adhere to best practices. For all three major search engines, Quality Score is rated 1 to 10 and based on matching searcher intent, click-through rate, and landing page experience.

A higher Quality Score will result in a lower cost-per-click bid, because search engines discount costs per click for scores over 7.0 and increase bid costs for scores lower than 7.0 (ads scoring 7.0 experience no discount or inflation).

Text graphic showing savings from improving quality score ($630K over 5 years; $340K in 2017 alone)

Results over 5 years

Over the next 5 years, we brought their average Quality Score up from 7.1 to 9.0. Not only did the high-quality keywords deliver more relevant traffic to the client’s site, the increase in Quality Score resulted in significant savings: As of the end of 2017, we have saved the client a total of $629,557 in advertising spend.

2017 results

In 2017 alone, we saved our client almost $340,000. They trusted us to reinvest those savings into paid search. So, with an average ROAS for 2017 of 414%, we could turn that $340,000 of additional ad spend into $1,406,366 of additional revenue.

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